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To qualify for GHPLS general member status students must: 

  • Attend 4 events from start to finish over the span of one academic year. (This cannot include moot competitions or practices)

  • General Membership is CCR eligible!


General Member Benefits:

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is an integral part of the law school admission process in both the United States and Canada. Accordingly, GHPLS recognizes how important it is for students to succeed! That is why GHPLS has partnered with Apollo LSAT Prep to provide students with resources to assist them in achieving their dream score!

All GHPLS General Members who have met the requirements will be eligible to receive these amazing benefits.

GHPLS General Members receive:

10% off all Packages: Follow Apollo on Instagram to get up to $280 off their one-on-one coaching packages!

Coach calls: Free LSAT Strategy calls, where an LSAT expert will guide you through any LSAT roadblock or question you might be facing.

Diagnostic Sessions: In this session, a coach will dissect your approach to the test, introduce you to a variety of study techniques to help orient your studying, and give you a custom plan based on their assessment of your weak points. Diagnostics cost just $90 for members of GHPLS! Reach out here to sign up:

LSAT Seminars: These free, exclusive seminars break down the must-know strategies for every LSAT section - you won't want to miss them!

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