Registration for the GH Cup 2022 opens on April 4th! If you are interested in competing please fill out the registration form

Note: Competitor registration is open until April 29, 2022. Once you have registered, please see the link below to purchase your competition tickets:


The GH Cup is only for students in post-secondary universities or colleges. To be eligible to compete both team members  must satisfy the following requirements:


You MUST compete with a partner.  If you arrive at the competition without a partner, you will NOT be refunded and you will NOT be allowed to participate.  Any changes regarding partnerships must be communicated to the GH Cup Steering Committee prior to the event.

If two students from two different schools wish to compete as a team, those members must 1) request (via email) and receive approval from the GH Cup Steering Committee upon registering, and 2) declare one of the students’ schools which the team will compete under.

(2) Enrolled in any degree program including but not limited to a diploma, certificate, bachelor's, masters or doctorate program.


There is no specific diploma, certificate or bachelor's program required to compete, The GH Cup is also NOT limited to pre-law or legal studies students. We welcome mooters from a multitude of academic faculties and backgrounds!

(3) Cannot be currently enrolled or previously enrolled in a Juris Doctor (JD), LLB or equivalent program which leads to being licensed as a lawyer in Canada.


The GH Cup is strictly for undergraduate students, current or previous law school students may not compete. If you are a current or previous law student, we would love to have you as a GH Cup judge!

(4) Cannot be a licensed paralegal.


For the same reasons mentioned above paralegals are not elidable to compete in The GH Cup, however, they can fill out a judge application form!

The GH Cup team reserves the right to immediately remove or prevent the registration of entrants who have breached the above requirements.  If you have any reason to believe that a partner, team member or opponent does not meet all of the above criteria, please submit a formal complaint to